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at 10:30 a.m. non catalog and non live lots at 2pm live catalog lots EXHIBITIONS Wednesday May 24th from 2pm to 5pm Thursday May 25 from 9am to 10:30am Experts Jean-Luc Boisseau and Loup Axmann Tel : 06 52 02 70 05 - e-mail : Remarkable set of antique bindings with arms and in red morocco, including several bindings with the Fanfare, or with plates by Dubuisson, but also bindings signed by Thouvenin, Simier, Petit, Allo, Champs, Marius Michel, Cretté, Lortic, Creuzevault, Septier, Aussourd, Weber, Horclois, Blanchetière, Joly fils, Franz, etc. These beautiful clothes are often combined with excellent illustrators such as Maurice Denis with the exceptional copy of the Imitation of Jesus Christ, or his Book of the Eucharist, but also Brouet, Brunelleschi, Collot, Daragnès, Gradassi, Jouas, Marty, Molinier, etc. Older illustrated books are also attractive: the Death of Abel and Paradise Lost, both published by Defer de Maisonneuve and illustrated in dotted color at the end of the 18th century; Ovid's Metamorphoses illustrated by Picart; the album of etchings by Norblin de la Gourdaine; a myriad of small works decorated with engravings by Marillier, Gravelot, Eisen, Moreau, Cochin, etc. Cultivate first editions by planting seeds of Colette, Sartre, Sagan, Mauriac, Victor Hugo, Tocqueville in your library. Escape with the collection of Nepveu's small travels which proposes China in miniature, 108 color figures and Simier's binding, Spain and Portugal and its 54 colored plates, the Marattes with 10 color figures, and Africa and its 44 color plates. Unless you prefer Benoit's Voyage à Surinam and its beautiful illustrations, Jolliffe's Lettres sur la Palestine, Keate's Relation des îles Pelew or Moyrac de Mailla's Histoire générale de la Chine and its monumental suite of 13 illustrated quarto volumes. While you are in the area, you can also go up the gorges of the Yangtze with Mennie, Grandeurs of the gorge, documented by 50 plates including 12 silver gelatin photographs. Otherwise, take Vaugondy's atlas and go on an adventure. Eugène Vergez drew the views of wine chateaux that adorn the Cocks et Feret, and the sale offers 7 meetings of original drawings for the regions of Saint-Emilion, Entredeux-mers, Sud-Gironde, Médoc, Blaye and Bourg-Saint-André de Cubzac. These original works are presented alongside a new copy of the rare Bordeaux and its wines by JeanStoerk, one of the first books on the Gironde to be illustrated with real photographs. Michelin Guides in abundance, including the 1904 and 1906 editions. And as always, books from the 16th to the 20th century, sets of Cazin, a minuscule and miniatures, dictionaries, by Moreri among others, encyclopedias, by Panckoucke for example, cookery books, manuscripts, documents, magazines, pious images from the 18th century, etc., the Baïonnette, the Assiette au beurre, etc. DIVISION OF THE CATALOG Books from the 16th to the 19th century : from n° 1 to n° 197 Travels : from n° 198 to n° 216 Modern books : from n° 217 to n° 239 Modern illustrated books : from n° 240 to n° 263 Documents and manuscripts : from n° 264 to n° 269 Gastronomy : from n° 270 to n° 287 Oenology & viticulture : from n° 288 to n° 307 Regionalism : from n° 308 to n° 337 Numerous lots of off-catalogue and off-live works on the morning of the sale.

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